NYC Kids Can’t Have Recess Because of Illegal Aliens Camping in Their School Gyms

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New Yorkers are learning a tough lesson right now. You can have nice things and a normal life, or you can have mass immigration—but you can’t have both! Children across New York City are no longer getting recess breaks during the school day. That’s because Mayor Eric Adams is stuffing the school gyms with hundreds of illegal aliens who are camping out and enjoying “free” taxpayer-provided pizza and sandwiches.

Mayor Adams has been transforming school gyms all across the city into makeshift migrant shelters. Parents are outraged by this but can’t seem to put two-and-two together on how this is really their fault. Most New York City adults voted for Joe Biden and for Mayor Adams, yet they are somehow surprised by this outcome?

PS 188 in Coney Island has 100 illegal aliens living in the school gym. One woman told the Daily News, “How would you feel if you were living here, and you got these random people moving into a school that’s active that your grandkids go to?”

Well, ma’am, we’d feel pretty foolish about voting for Joe Biden! How about you?

Multiple schools in Brooklyn and Williamsburg are also being flooded with hordes of adult fighting-aged males that Eric Adams wants to shelter near New Yorkers’ children in schools. Parents are becoming increasingly outraged at the plan.

Some have taken to picking their kids up early from school. Others are refusing to drop their kids off at school at all, since it is so obviously dangerous. One mom told CBS News, “Why should they be in there with those adults? Those are men and women. We don’t know where these people come from.”

Perhaps a good rule of thumb for an immigration policy would be that if you can’t let someone babysit your kids, you shouldn’t let them into the country in the first place?