Jealous? Fox News Hits Tucker Carlson with Cease-and-Desist Over Runaway Twitter Hit Show

Aleksandr Dyskin /
Aleksandr Dyskin /

Fox News has a bad case of the “sads” these days. After making the stupidest decision in the history of broadcast television in April by firing Tucker Carlson, the network has seen somewhere between one-third and one-half of its regular viewers abandon it. After Tucker’s new monologues on Twitter turned out to be a smashing success, Fox reportedly sent him a cease-and-desist letter.

The evil plan that Fox News submitted to as a result of its settlement with Dominion Voting Systems is to keep Tucker Carlson sidelined until after the 2024 election. They want Tucker’s voice off the airwaves because he so consistently and hilariously embarrasses permanent Washington. They’ve got another election to steal in 2024, so they need to shut Tucker up.

Fox wants to keep Tucker under contract and keep paying his salary until January 2025 while not allowing him to speak on-air. This is fine by Tucker because his personal social media channels were never mentioned in his non-compete clause with Fox.

Tucker is making no money from his Twitter monologues, and he’s not on a competitor’s TV station. He’s just doing monologues that are wildly popular. His first two episodes last week have drawn well in excess of 115 million views. Those are not “Twitter impressions,” as some have implied. More than 115 million people have tuned in so far.

Given that Tucker’s blockbuster show only drew about 4 million views on its best nights, this is huge—and hugely embarrassing for Fox.

Tucker’s attorneys have responded to the cease-and-desist letter from Fox by stating that he will not be silenced or have his free speech rights taken away before the 2024 election. It looks like they’re digging their heels in for a big fight.