Even Environmentalist Groups Are Opposing Joe Biden’s Green New Deal

Lomb / shutterstock.com
Lomb / shutterstock.com

Joe Biden’s policies are so bad that even environmentalist groups that used to support him are now turning against him. The reason is that the Biden regime has gone all-in on every crazy idea that the World Economic Forum pitched in its “Green New Deal.” (What? You thought AOC’s office wrote that?) The latest lunatic idea that has the communist environmentalist groups hopping mad is carbon capture and storage, or CCS.

CCS is the retarded idea that companies can “capture” their carbon emissions and then store them underground in large tanks or something. That way, we can prevent the earth’s temperature from increasing by 1 full degree at some ubiquitous time centuries from now, thereby saving everyone’s life.

This entire idiotic idea of CCS is a response to carbon dioxide being released by manufacturing processes, mining, farming, and other things needed to enjoy a modern, civilized standard of living. Plus, the whole thing is underpinned by the idea that greenhouse gases can increase global temperatures in the first place. Spoiler alert: that’s not real!

One good volcanic eruption in Alaska or South America or someplace that pumps smoke and ash into the atmosphere for several days releases more carbon dioxide in a few days than all the cars and trucks in the United States combined could emit in fifty years or so.

The communist greenies behind this whole CCS also suffer from a total lack of understanding when it comes to economic incentives. If you incentivize industries that pollute a lot and give taxpayer dollars to companies to engage in CCS, why wouldn’t they just maximize their carbon output, then? Wouldn’t you do that if you were running a big industrial plant? You could just stick the carbon under the ground, and the taxpayers get stiffed with the bill.

“DUH! I’m saving the planet! DURRR!”

Has anyone thought through the possible long-term consequences of building giant underground bunkers and then filling them up with gas? Asking for a friend.

Some environmentalist groups in Louisiana are already protesting Biden’s CCS efforts there. The environmentalist groups are upset because Mr. Look-at-me-I’m-black-and-got-81-million-votes wants to build giant carbon bunkers underground near predominantly black communities. The planned bunkers would be built in a region that’s already been nicknamed “Cancer Alley” because of its higher-than-normal rates of cancer.

Beverly Wright is a member of Biden’s own White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council, and she hates the idea of CCS. “In the real world, this is an experiment,” she says.

“What they’re trying to do to Louisiana now is, I think, the worst of anything we’ve been exposed to, because of all the uncertainty.”

So there’s a big vote of confidence from Biden’s own team.

The Washington Post talked to people in Louisiana to see what they think about the planned carbon bunkers that Joe Biden wants to build there. They didn’t find many people happy with the idea. In Donaldsonville, one resident stated, “It is called Cancer Alley, and that’s part of the reason we don’t trust them. It’s still not so good to have all these plants, so many of them, all around us. Anything could happen.”

The secretary for the Donaldsonville city council had a suggestion for where Joe Biden could stick his carbon capture plans as well. “Don’t do it in my neighborhood. Do it where you live,” she said.

Joe Biden can’t afford to lose any support at this point. He has a 32% approval rating among CNN viewers right now. Yet he continues to forge ahead with the WEF’s civilization-destroying Green New Deal. They’re going to have to manufacture a lot of fake ballots to steal the 2024 election for him.