Biden So Desperate To Win 2024 Election He Is Reinvigorating the Tupac Murder Case

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The morning calm of July 18th was disturbed in a suburban Las Vegas neighborhood as the Las Vegas SWAT raided the home of Duane “Keffe D” Davis. While no indication has been made about him being home or not, he has been on the run since July 2022 on a failure to appear on an unrelated drug charge.

Davis is one of the very few people the LVPD ever spoke to regarding the murders of Tupac ‘2Pac’ Shakur and Christopher ‘Notorious BIG, Biggie Smalls’ Wallace. While officers implicated his nephew Orlando “Baby Lane” Anderson as the shooter, nothing was ever proven. Two years later, Anderson was gunned down in the streets of Compton, with many declaring his death as retaliation for Tupac.

In the raid, LVPD is reported to have taken numerous computers, a cellphone, and hard drives, as well as “documentary documents,” a copy of Vibe magazine featuring Shakur, “purported marijuana,” multiple .40 rounds, two “tubs containing photos,” and a copy of Davis’ 2019 tell-all-memoir “Compton Street Legend.”

The memoir provided details about Davis’ life, as well as his allegations that he was one of the only people alive who knew the real reason Tupac was killed and, in return, why Biggie was killed in retaliation. Both shootings were filled with witnesses, many of whom refused to come forward or to talk about the situation. Placing the street code of silence about their reverence for someone the hip-hop community considered a legend.

2018 saw Davis receive a cancer diagnosis that he was able to pivot into an exclusive BET interview. He then admitted to being in the Cadillac that is widely known to have pulled up next to Tupac. In a shocking twist, he implicated Anderson, claiming he was one of two people in the backseat where the shots came from. Citing the same street code that prevented solving Tupac’s murder years ago, he refused to drop names.

Not even 18 months later, his memoir told a bit more of what he claims is the truth; he told investigators the truth a decade earlier.

“They offered to let me go for running a ‘criminal enterprise’ and numerous alleged murders for the truth about the Tupac and Biggie murders. They promised they would shred the indictment and stop the grand jury if I helped them out. I sang because they promised I would not be prosecuted. But they kept their word and stopped the indictment, tore up the whole case. Nobody went to jail.”

Considering he was questioned about this last in 2010, there is no reason to reopen these cases at this time. No new evidence has been leaked, nobody has been talking. The strongest link ever implicated in these cases Marion “Suge” Knight was wounded as he was driving the BMW that Tupac died in the passenger side of. Knight was sentenced to 28 years back in 2018 for running someone over in 2015.

Instead, what this seems to be is a case of President Biden working with the Independent mayor of LV, Carolyn Goodman. While not a Democrat in name, her push for the corruption of gaming in Las Vegas by luring in professional sports teams and her massive plight with the homeless makes her a prime candidate for the left to pull her in.

President Biden has done multiple fundraisers in the city and was there as recently as March.

Trying to buy votes by doing a backdoor deal to find the killers of Tupac through the hard work of the LVPD is disguising this. Given how long this murder has been open, the LVPD had all but given up, and the case was colder than the Titanic. For a suspect to suddenly be raided in regard to this case would require a serious shake from high up, and what better way to play to the liberals than by saying he got Tupac’s killers?