Biden Allies Try to Make Him Look Younger in Pictures

Philip Yabut /
Philip Yabut /

What should the President of the United States look like?

It’s a question that many have been asking themselves of late, particularly as our current one doesn’t seem to fit the bill. Then again, looking at these more recent and clearly doctored pictures, maybe he does…

That’s right, allies of Joe Biden have been caught photoshopping images of him to make him look more the part – you know, a fit, trim, dynamic, and even tanner leader.

Of course, those like former Democratic Chair Chris D. Jackson have attempted to use these images to prove that Biden is better than Trump. According to him, the older man is somehow healthier, more clean-cut, and a better all-around man to lead the nation.

And to be sure, in the pictures Jackson has put on his Twitter account in recent months, it would certainly seem that way, especially when compared to nearly as equally doctored pictures of Trump. Of course, the Trump images are distorted to make him look old, fat, sloppy, etc.

If these images can be believed, Biden is about the healthiest 80-year-old around. Hell, I’m sure he could do one-armed push-ups with me on his back…


But, as I mentioned before, these images don’t show the truth.

As Townhall’s John Hasson reported, many of the photos are fakes or at least heavily edited to make Biden appear more dynamic, engaging, and healthy.

“Originally from Getty Pictures, the photograph had been altered to make Biden appear younger.” And Hasson cites a copyrighted, protected watermark on the images as proof.

As further proof, we have images from those like Daphy Marrow, who once tweeted a video of Trump working the crowds in comparison to Biden on the beach.

And, of course, there are all the videos of Biden falling up or down the stairs to Air Force One, tripping over his own feet, or falling off a stationary bicycle.

Oops, I think the cat is out of the bag…