NYC Considers a Massive Tent City Near Riker’s Island to House Illegal Aliens

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More than 57,000 illiterate peasant invaders from the Third World have shown up in New York City this year. The sanctuary city is running out of space to put all of them. Mayor Eric Adams floated a plan recently to put hordes of illegals in a tent city in Manhattan’s Central Park. After a lot of pushback from NYC residents, the city government is now looking into erecting a modern-day Hooverville on Randall Island in the East River.

That means bad news for the children of New York City if it happens. The city government wants to build a huge shantytown in the middle of the soccer fields in the island’s most popular park. Sorry, kids! You don’t get to have nice things when Democrats are in charge and throw our nation’s borders wide open. That’s okay, though. You didn’t like soccer anyway, did you?

Adams has been stuffing the welfare leeches into luxury hotels, a cruise terminal, a former police academy, and anyplace else where he can think to send them. Amazingly, Democrats and the media in New York City are now calling the hordes of illegals “asylum seekers.” That’s got to be very insulting to the real refugees out there in the world who would like to come to America for asylum.

It’s also insulting to the Americans who just want to live their lives in peace. Good luck if you want to try to move to a new home or apartment in the next two years. There simply isn’t anywhere left to move to. An average of about 300 illegal aliens show up in New York City every day or 2,100 per week. Are there that many housing units even available in New York, assuming that any of these people would ever be able to get jobs and pay rent (which won’t happen)?

Here’s a local report on the latest disaster-in-the-making in New York City, which is entirely Joe Biden’s fault.