The Liz Cheney Committee Shredded Documents, Destroyed Evidence & Never Investigated J6 Security Failures

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Jerome460 /

The House Select Committee on January 6—better known as the “Liz Cheney Committee”—has made a stunning admission. Now that Republicans control the House, they’ve been investigating the work of the shady committee, which Nancy Pelosi had formed in direct violation of House rules. Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) says the Liz Cheney Committee shredded documents, erased data, and got rid of video depositions that it acquired in its months-long “investigation.” This was an obvious ploy to conceal all of the exculpatory evidence that the committee uncovered in its scheme to get President Donald Trump.

“Nothing was indexed,” says Rep. Loudermilk. “There was no table of contents index. Usually, when you conduct this level of investigation, you use a database system and everything is digitized, indexed. We got nothing like that. We just got raw data. So, it took us a long time going through it and one thing I started realizing is we don’t have anything much at all from the Blue Team.”

Keep in mind that the Democrats and their media lapdogs have been saying for two-and-a-half years now that the mostly peaceful selfie protest of January 6, 2021, was worse than 9/11, Pearl Harbor, the Civil War, and all 27 seasons of The Jerry Springer Show combined. It was super bad. Former Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-OH), who served on the Liz Cheney Committee before leaving Congress, even cried about the protest.

It was just so awful that the committee investigating it destroyed the evidence it had gathered. Really?

The ostensible chairman of the Liz Cheney Committee was Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS). In his response to Loudermilk’s request for the documents and other evidence compiled, Thompson admitted, “The Select Committee did not archive temporary committee records that were not elevated by the Committee’s actions, such as use in hearings or official publications, or those that did not further its investigative activities.”

“Accordingly, and contrary to your letter’s implication, the Select Committee was not obligated to archive all video recordings of transcribed interviews or depositions,” added Thompson.

In other words, they destroyed the evidence that didn’t fit the narrative of January 6 being a “violent insurrection,” a “coup attempt” by MAGA grannies with knitting needles, and an attempt to “overthrow our democracy.”

Thompson also noted in his response to Republicans that they had received guidance from the committee’s legal counsel to get rid of that stuff. That person would be Mary McCord, a former Obama appointee at the Department of Justice who was instrumental in the Russia collusion hoax. McCord was running point on the frame-up of Gen. Mike Flynn.

What sorts of evidence was “not preserved” on McCord’s recommendation to the Liz Cheney Committee?

We’re guessing it was evidence that the crowd on January 6 was infiltrated by dozens of undercover feds and DC cops, who incited violence against the mostly peaceful crowd. There’s no shortage of evidence at this point that that was the case. Plus, the Liz Cheney Committee appears to have never investigated the “security failures” at the Capitol that day.

Shredding evidence and destroying documents related to an event as important as January 6 supposedly was, does not suggest that Americans have been told the full story of what happened. What it suggests is that the people destroying the evidence had something to hide.

Maybe the evidence was something like this: