Huckabee Sanders Calls for Special Session to Fight COVID Lockdowns

Michael Candelori /
Michael Candelori /

At a time when more and more state and federal leaders seem to be gaining more power, one is stepping in the opposite direction.

Introducing Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who announced a call for a special session this week in response to growing COVID and pandemic concerns.

While other state leaders and the White House are considering bringing back drastic lockdowns and mask mandates, Sanders has made it clear that will not happen in her state. And the special session is to make sure the whole state agrees.

On Friday, Sanders noted that back in 2020, states nationwide began enacting restrictions based on fear. But rather than actually helping, most of those mandates and such only “trampled on our liberty.”

“Back then, a handful of bureaucrats shut down our schools, our churches, our businesses, and forced masks on our kids and tried to implement vaccine passports. That will not happen again here in the state of Arkansas. “

And so she’s calling for a special session to begin “focused on three things: cutting taxes, streamlining state government and protecting our freedom.”

Part of the session will also request that the Arkansas Department of Health put out a wealth of information about the COVID-19 vaccines available to the people. This way, “all Arkansans can make informed decisions about their health.” That information is to expressly include any and all potential risks related to the vaccines.

Now, that sounds like a good idea. Not only is Sanders moving to lessen government control over our health decisions, but she wants the people to actually know what’s going on and what is available to them, whether good or bad.

As she says, she stands “for freedom.”

Meanwhile, those on the political left, like New Mexico Governor Michell Lujan Grisham, is trying to ban the Second Amendment in her state…

No wonder people are leaving the Democratic Party in droves.