Illegal Aliens Plant Foreign Flag on US Soil, Which Pretty Much Says It All

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Since Joe Biden is allowing the United States to be invaded by hordes of illiterate Third Worlders from across the entire planet, some of the illegal aliens decided to take him at his word. Near the wide-open border at Eagle Pass, Texas, a group of illegals planted a foreign flag on US soil. The flag was either Venezuelan or Colombian, but what difference does it make? (The two communist countries’ flags are very similar.) The message was the same either way: This is no longer our country. It belongs to the foreign hordes now.

The flag was placed on an island on the US side of the border in the Rio Grande. The Texas Department of Public Safety’s Tactical Marine Unit swiftly boated out to the island and took the flag down out of embarrassment. It’s not like they were busy stopping illegal aliens or anything. The flag was a humiliating reminder that failed Texas Governor Greg Abbott has done nothing over the past three years to try to stop the invasion of his state, other than bus a handful of illegals to New York and Los Angeles in a fruitless gesture. Which is what his donors want.

A spokesman for the Texas DPS bragged about how they took down the flag after letting the illegal aliens who had planted the flag to come into the country and start collecting $2,200 a month on a Biden prepaid debit card:

Note the hilarious “Don’t Mess with Texas” hashtag. Why wouldn’t the illegal aliens mess with us at this point? We’ve become such a weak and embarrassing nation under Joe Biden that foreign terrorists and child molesters invade our border, and we pay them to do it. We don’t kick them out. But we’ve just sent a message that we’ll tear their flags down if they manage to cross into the country.

Frankly, this situation at the border is even more embarrassing than Biden’s disastrous pullout in Afghanistan. Yes, it’s awful that Joe Biden left $80 billion worth of guns, tanks, Blackhawk helicopters, and other major equipment behind. But it’s not like the Taliban are destroying the fabric of our country.

Many of the leading “conservative” thinkers are now claiming that the flood of illegals across the border is “unsustainable.” Unsustainable? It crossed the breaking point about two years ago. Without some hard and hardhearted choices after sending Donald Trump back to the White House, America will not survive another decade as an intact political entity. Mass deportations with no exceptions are the only nonviolent way that America will continue to exist as a nation. If we don’t do that, our country will no longer exist.

Throughout history, mass invasions of “refugees” have toppled the nations that are stupid enough to let them all in. We have completely run out of housing for these people. They’re putting them in tents and abandoned schools in places like New York City and Chicago. That’s because there simply aren’t enough apartments or rental homes left in smaller towns across the country. Pity any American who has to try to move their family to a new home or apartment because there’s nothing left on the market.

The American system is collapsing in real-time, and our political leaders are fiddling like Nero as it happens. Just because the violence hasn’t reached your neighborhood yet doesn’t mean it won’t in the coming years.

Oh, well. At least we can rest easier for now, knowing that Texas will not tolerate foreign flags on US soil, even as they let the foreigners in with no resistance whatsoever.