Biden Now Has 3 Versions of Story About His Father and Gay Kiss

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Have you heard Democratic President Joe Biden’s gay kissing story? To be sure, there are several different versions, all drawing into question Biden’s mental health and moral values.

If you haven’t heard the story, it’s a simple one and rather short. But each version, obviously, is a little different. The locations, timelines, and even participants have changed.

The most recent version was shared while Biden was speaking at a dinner for the Human Rights Campaign, a major LGBT lobbying organization, on Saturday. According to him, and this time, the story comes from his teenage years when he lived in Wilmington, Delaware.

His father was supposedly dropping young “Joey” off downtown. While downtown, Biden claims he and his father witnessed two grown men kiss each other goodbye in public before going off to work. “They leaned up and kissed one another, and I had never seen that before.”

Naturally, the young Biden looked at his father in question, to which his father replied, “Joey, it’s simple. It’s simple, Joey. They love one another.”

End of story.

Now, aside from the fact that homosexuality drew a negative stigmatism and was unlikely to be observed like this in public, the story seems believable, right?

But as Pat Gray, a podcaster for The Blaze, recently pointed out in a comparative review of the three versions, the story is likely a farse.

Gray’s co-host, Keith Malinak, then gave a brief summary of the other two versions.

In one, it took place while Biden and his father were sitting in a car at a red light when Biden was a junior in high school.

Okay, so maybe Biden doesn’t exactly remember where it exactly took place. That’s an easy enough excuse.

But then comes the third, but not most recent, version.

In this one, which was told in 2014, Biden is the father, and one of his sons, Beau or Hunter (he did not specify), is the youngling. After supposedly witnessing a same-sex kiss for the first time, the boy looks at Biden in a puzzled manner. Joe Biden then responds, “They love each other, honey.”

As Gray points out first, what father calls their high school-aged son “honey.”

Next, as is obvious, this is a completely different retelling, as the roles of the main characters aren’t the same at all.

While the two first-mentioned versions could be possible “loose retellings” of the same story, as I said above, the fact that the characters are different in the third makes the likelihood of all three being complete lies, as far as Gray is concerned.

And I have to say I agree.

However, if you aren’t liable to take Gray or my word for it, then check out what the usually Biden-friendly Washington Post has to say on the matter.

In March, the publication’s “fact-checker,” Glenn Kessler, also wrote that the stories were all likely false. While he couldn’t award actual “Pinocchios,” since there’s no real way to “prove or disprove” whether one or all is not true, Kessler basically says they can’t all be true, and so all are likely false.

Of course, he says, “readers can draw their own conclusions.”

Another point that Kessler makes in saying they aren’t true is that Biden was not always so pro-LGBT.

In fact, during his early years, Biden once stated that homosexuality could be a “security risk” for America, and so he opposed it. He even supported an amendment later that would have cut funding to schools that promoted homosexuality as a lifestyle.

As Kessler notes, it wasn’t until 2012, when he was vice president under Barack Obama, that he finally said he was in favor of gay marriage. Shortly afterward, Obama claimed to do the same.

Biden would love for you to forget that past, of course, which is probably a big reason why he would come up with the general idea of this gay kissing story.

Too bad he just can’t remember how he told it the last time…