Coca-Cola Makes a Big Change in Supporting Racist Group

Luciano Mortula - LGM /
Luciano Mortula - LGM /

As you likely know, a multitude of companies have thrown support behind Black Lives Matter over the last few years. But now, it seems that some are realizing their mistake and quietly pulling such endorsements, or at least any public proof of such.

Take Coca-Cola, for example.

Since 2020, following the drug overdose of George Floyd while in police custody, the Coca-Cola Company has wholeheartedly donated to and endorsed BLM. One donation in particular, made by its Sprite brand, was completed in June of 2020 as a way to profess the company’s “committing action in the fight for racial justice.”

And yet, as of sometime between July of 2023 and now, all mentions of such a donation have suddenly gone missing from the beverage company’s websites.

As the original media release said, Sprite was making a substantial donation to BLM in Atlanta as a way to kick off their “The Give Back” model. Brand manager Brian Rodgers said, “America has loved Black culture but has not always loved Black people. It’s time to turn that story around, starting here in our hometown of Atlanta.”

The post went on to explain that Sprite gave a total of $500,000 to the Black Lives Matter Global Network in such an effort. Additionally, the brand put together a new commercial that same month “showcasing Black America’s resilience, excellence, and optimism.”

However, as Texas Senator Ted Cruz and others have recently pointed out, all of that has recently gone missing from Coca-Cola’s website.

Why? Well, one has to wonder if it has anything to do with BLM’s recently proclaimed support of Hamas parachuting into Israel to murder innocents.

And no, it wasn’t just BLM Chicago making these kinds of posts…

Now, to be sure, these posts and admittance of terrorist support should be frowned upon. However, to most of us, it’s no real surprise.

I mean, this is the same group who has vocally and publicly announced support of Marxism, grift, the destruction of “the Western-prescribed nuclear family requirement,” and “mostly peaceful” riots.

And yet, it takes support for Hamas to make Coca-Cola cut ties….