WH on Hunter Ignoring Subpoena: You Do You, Boo 

Potashev Aleksandr / shutterstock.com
Potashev Aleksandr / shutterstock.com

On the December 14th edition of “CNN This Morning” White House Spokesman for Oversight and Investigations Ian Sams spoke with the hosts about Hunter and Joe Biden. When co-host Phil Mattingly asked about a tape from the 13th of Hunter outside the White House telling Joe that he wanted to testify in public and not in private. In turn, Mattingly wanted to know what the White House thought of Hunter’s plans.

According to Sams, “Well, look, I’m not going to get into a father’s conversations with his son, except to say Hunter’s a private person. He can make his own decisions about how to handle these sorts of things. But the President loves and is very proud of him. He overcame a very dark period in his life and has stood tall and is in recovery.”

Then, getting on his soapbox, Sams continued into a rant about how Republicans were rejecting this notion and how this was all a GOP game, being played with a crucial part of our constitution. Legitimately spending longer on attacking Republicans than speaking about Hunter, he did what liberals do most frequently- deflect.

Watching the White House and its representatives make a mockery and a joke out of the very process that we as Americans rely on to establish the rule of law should outrage everyone. This is no longer just a case about Joe covering up for Hunter, or even about his illegal and poorly hidden payoffs.

Instead, this is now a case about how a puppet like Joe was elected as President and all the damage he has done to this nation while lining his pockets. Say what you want about Trump, but when he left office, he had lost money, and the economy had done better during a pandemic than it has under Biden.