NYC Mayor Tries To Sue the Deliverer for Their Shipments of Illegals for Costs

lev radin /
lev radin /

New York City’s Democratic Mayor, Eric Adams, has been making a forceful pushback against the bussing of illegal immigrants to the city. Despite opening asking for them by declaring themselves a sanctuary city, he and other elected officials have refused to recluse that title. While President Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) delivers 5,000 illegals through the nation daily, NYC has received a total of 34,000.

On Jan 4th, Adams and fellow leftist, Governor Kathy Hochul, announced a lawsuit against 17 bus and charter companies that were contracted by the state of Texas to ship border crossers and illegals to NYC. In his math, these illegals have cost the city $708 million so far; or roughly just over $20,000 per head. To them, these companies should be covering their costs for illegal immigration.

In a press release, Adams said, “Today’s suit seeks to recoup the hundreds of millions of dollars incurred to care for all these individuals, costs moving forward for any of those migrants still in New York City’s care, and costs for all those who are transported to New York City from Texas in the future as part of Governor Abbott’s plan.”

Adams said that the bussing is a violation of “state law by not paying the cost of caring for these migrants…that’s why we are suing to recoup approximately $700 million already spent to care for migrants sent here in the last two years by Texas. Governor Abbott’s continued use of migrants as political pawns is not only chaotic and inhumane but makes clear he puts politics over people. Today’s lawsuit should serve as a warning to all those who break the law in this way.”