Nikki Haley Runs for the Back Door When Asked about Donations from Epstein Associate

lev radin /
lev radin /

One of the things about American politics that doesn’t get enough attention these days is how much fun election season has become ever since Donald Trump traveled down the golden escalator in 2015 to announce his candidacy. Election season is a never-ending party, thanks to the trolls, the merry pranksters, and the weaponized autism squad on 4Chan that won’t allow the establishment to continue trampling on middle-class Americans any longer. Case in point: A merry prankster made Nikki Haley run away from her own campaign event this week!

Nikki Haley (real name: Nimrata Randhawa, anchor baby from India) was holding a campaign event in Waukee, Iowa, on Tuesday. She was giving her usual boilerplate neocon speech about how we have to fight wars on behalf of Israel to somehow protect America’s national security and how she won’t rest until she has bathed in and drunk the blood of every Palestinian child (we’re paraphrasing her actual speech).

At the end of the event, a merry prankster working as a proxy for conservative activist and American heroine Laura Loomer stood up and asked Nimrata, “Governor, will call on your Stand for America PAC to return Reid Hoffman’s donation in light of the Jeffrey Epstein documents?”

That caused Haley to bolt and run for the back door of her own event, as shown in videos of the embarrassing moment. It was a town hall event, where candidates are supposed to actually take questions from their supporters who show up for it, but instead, Haleyran for the door:

Oh, come on! That’s hilarious!

For those who don’t know, Reid Hoffman is an ultra-wealthy liberal donor who got rich as one of the co-founders of LinkedIn. Hoffman has been caught time and time again using his fortune to meddle in Republican elections, and he just so happened to be close enough friends with deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein that he spent time on Pedo Island with his pedophile buddy.

Reid Hoffman is a hard-left communist, and therefore, it’s kind of odd that he would dump a quarter of a million dollars into financing Nikki Haley’s run for the Republican nomination in 2024. The goal, obviously, is to prop the Haley campaign up in hopes of extending the GOP primary because liberal Democrat communists like Reid Hoffman are having bed-wetting episodes about Donald J. Trump returning to the White House.

Nikki Haley literally has no constituency. She shouldn’t even be in the race at this point. The only reason why she is still a “candidate” is because associates of Jeffrey Epstein dumped a bunch of money into her campaign. Hoffman, for example, is one of the Democrat Party’s favorite dirty tricksters, whose name belongs in the same sentence as George Soros (and Jeffrey Epstein).

Hoffman created fake Russian bots to prevent Judge Roy Moore from winning a Senate seat in Louisiana years ago. He was also instrumental in creating and spreading the Russia collusion hoax against Donald Trump in 2016. But now Hoffman is suddenly all gung-ho for a Nikki Haley presidency? Not likely. Hoffman is simply spreading his wealth around to meddle in another Republican race.

It’s got to be embarrassing for Nikky Haley since Hoffman’s name has featured prominently in the Jeffrey Epstein files that have been released over the past few days. Hoffman even paid a visit to Pedo Island in 2014 after Jeffrey Epstein got out of prison for soliciting a child for prostitution. That’s who the Haley 2024 campaign is taking money from, and Nikki Haley obviously doesn’t want to answer any questions about it.