Indiana Homeowner Lives the Dream and Escapes All Charges

Alik Mulikov /
Alik Mulikov /

South Bend, Indiana, is a city that rarely makes the national news. Compared to the volume of violent crime in Chicago, LA, and New Orleans, they are barely a blip on the map. On a per capita basis, though, they are a magnificently violent city. That’s why a vast amount of residents ensure that they are armed at all times.

Back on December 14th, an unidentified man was returning home with his wife a bit before 9:20 pm. According to investigators, as they were getting ready to enter the home, the duo received a notification about an alarm for their security system being tripped. Telling his wife to stay in the car, he approached the back of the house. There, he confronted 68-year-old Richard Davis. Closing the gap on the homeowner, Davis raised a chainsaw above his head.

Fearing death or serious injury, according to local news outlet WNDU, he drew his gun and fired once, immediately dropping Davis. Instructing his wife to call 911, the homeowner awaited officers while ensuring Davis didn’t present a further threat. Investigators who responded to the scene were able to ascertain Davis had taken the chainsaw from the homeowner’s garage. However, they were unable to prove if the chainsaw was on when he shot or not, as such, it was ruled a justifiable homicide, and no charges were filed.

In a subsequent Facebook post from WNDU about the incident, one commentator said, “You do that on my property. It’s called the f*** around and find out…If worthless people quit breaking the f****** wrong and taking people s*** More people need to start sticking up for their properties. I bet the crime rate will go down.”

This kind of genius commentary on the situation needs to be everyone’s mentality. Presenting the idea that people need to be patient and wait for the cops, or not defend themselves or their property needs to end. We are not a nation of victims or people incapable of keeping themselves safe. If anything, we are a nation that showed everyone else how to stick up for themselves and to do so with a level of destruction that would keep them from trying again. All without going overboard or crossing into war crimes territory.

Liberal criminal-friendly policies have made a joke of our criminal justice system from coast to coast. Victims walk away from an incident assured they’ll never get real justice. Meanwhile, the criminals feel safe in the knowledge they’ll be back out in a short time. This mindset is completely backward. The victims should be strutting away proud of being made whole, and the criminal should be doing the jailhouse shuffle for a sizeable time.

Allowing crime to go with minimal consequences is exactly why we are in the position we are in now. Getting these criminals back on the streets to avoid making the NAACP or BLM mad is outrageous. If anything, we need more of this kind of vengeance and encouraging the people to defend themselves.

Even in a metropolis like South Bend, the police can be more than a few minutes away, and when seconds count, you just cannot wait. By taking action at the moment, that homeowner preserved his right to existence and freedom. He knew exactly what he was up against, and he still stood up and told Davis he wouldn’t be claiming a victim.

Getting to live the dream and defend his wife from someone looking to do them hard is a difficult situation. Proper training, using escalation of force appropriately, and having the right people or organizations behind you are all crucial in these situations. While a few boxes of range ammo a week might be an extra expense, you can’t beat muscle memory at the moment it counts most. The same goes for some self-defense lessons at an MMA or boxing gym.

Well done, nameless homeowner. You’re a damn legend.