Illegals No Longer Just Jumping the Border

Steve Sanchez Photos /
Steve Sanchez Photos /

As New York City continues to blame everyone else for their rush of illegals arriving in the city, they refuse to do anything about it. No longer just jumping Biden’s border, or turnstiles for the subway, they’re jumping cops too.

On January 27th, a group of illegals were outside of the migrant shelter they currently call home at the taxpayer’s expense. When concerned neighbors called in their disturbance on the streets, officers responded. When one of them began arresting one of the individuals in custody, he got jumped by the group of illegals. As the other officers attempted to intervene, they were pummeled too.

Beaten largely in the face and the backs of the heads, the officers received medical attention at the scene. A manhunt in the area was now on. Ultimately two 19-year-old illegals and two other illegals aged 21 and 24 were arrested and charged with assaulting police. Yet, due to a NY state law, “nonviolent” as well as numerous violent crimes cannot have a cash bail, so they were issued tickets and let go.

Republican Alison Esposito is on the campaign trail for Congress in New York’s 18th congressional district. As she said, “Our leaders have created a system where criminals are protected over law-abiding citizens and illegal migrants are prioritized over police officers. New York Democrats have embraced pro-criminal laws that embolden criminals, effectively surrendering our streets to lawlessness.” A 25-year beat cop for the NYPD, she has seen the change in the streets of NY thanks to lawmakers who are insulated from the street.

For these illegals, these charges mean nothing. No prison here in the US is worse than the ones at home. Hell, in jail here, they are guaranteed three hot meals and a cot, I can’t say the same about back home. If they are deported, they just get back home and start making their way back again since Biden and his leftists won’t keep them out.

Until NY lawmakers and the rest of the Democrats decide to get tough on enforcing the laws and immigration code, we are going to continue watching the world go up in flames.