Watch: Joe Biden Creeps on a Little Girl the Second His Handlers Release Him

Michael F. Hiatt /
Michael F. Hiatt /

Joe Biden’s handlers briefly let him off his leash over the weekend as he was headed out of DC for his 7,000th vacation in three years. After mumbling briefly to a crowd at the White House, Biden then began shuffling off toward the Marine One helicopter like a dead man with one foot in the grave. Suddenly, Biden spotted something out of the corner of his eye that made him spring to life—a group of pre-pubescent girls was standing with the crowd about 30 feet away from him.

Biden could barely put one foot in front of the other as he was stumbling toward the helicopter. As soon as he saw those innocent children, however, he broke into a stumbling jog to reach them. He ignored the crowd of adults standing nearby and made a beeline for the small children so he could start chatting them up and touching them.

The only time when Joe Biden perks up and appears to be alive these days is when a pre-pubescent child is unlucky enough to wander within 500 yards of him. He suddenly looks like a pillar of vigorous youth when that happens.

Can we be honest here? Normal, mentally healthy adult males are just not that interested in other people’s children. We’re just not. We like our own toddlers just fine, but other people’s young kids don’t really appeal to us. Normal adult men who are not creeps would never presume to approach someone else’s child and start touching them.

Joe Biden, however, has no boundaries when it comes to other people’s small kids. It’s like a weird, dark compulsion with him. He just has to get his hands on them.

Watch how Biden suddenly springs into action at about the 2:10 mark in this video when he spots a little girl that he can start creeping on.