Jimmy Fallon Had to Tell Biden to Stop Talking to the Easter Bunny

Glebvideo / shutterstock.com
Glebvideo / shutterstock.com

There are a few signs that usually signal someone is no longer of a sound mind. One of those is talking to oneself, no one, or imaginary figures on a regular basis. And for Joe Biden, it seems par for the course these days.

In this case, he’s been caught talking to the Easter Bunny.

This was reported recently by comedian Jimmy Fallon on his “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” On Monday, he hosted former and twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Naturally, given the recent Easter holiday, the two discussed the White House Easter Egg Roll.

Hillary made comments about remembering one of her grandchildren being quite fascinated with the Easter Bunny. She then noted that usually, the White House Easter Bunny is a “member of the staff that draws the short straw.”

Fallon said this made his experience at the Easter Egg Roll at the White House last year make a bit more sense. He recalled seeing Biden, of course, at the event. But most of the time he kind of followed the Easter Bunny around, talking to it.

At one point, he even had to tell Biden to stop talking to the Easter Bunny, so people didn’t think he’d lost his mind.

Naturally, Fallon assumed that the individual in the bunny suit was likely one of Biden’s assistants. But as he reminded the president, “No one knows that that’s your assistant. Everyone thinks that the president is talking to the Easter Bunny. So stop doing it.”

To be clear, both Fallon and Clinton made the whole thing out to be a joke of sorts. You know, the kind you make when talking about that crazy uncle at all the family holidays. It’s kind of funny, cute, and definitely laughable. But inside, you know this is the beginning of the end…

Needless to say, the leader of the free world talking to an imaginary figure, despite a real person being inside, isn’t exactly a good look. As Fallon said, “People are going to think that you’re crazy!”

And even if they don’t, the fact that he’s following one of his assistants around like a lost puppy doesn’t have good optics either.