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Daniels Took the Stand, Here’s the Rundown of Her Testimony 

If there was one thing America wanted to see even more than former President Donald Trump’s testimony during his hush money trial, it was...
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WATCH: COLA Will Be Disappointing for Social Security Recipients

It's obvious Biden and the rest of his administration aren't interested in helping Social Security recipients. You may want to prepare now for a...
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Biden Finally Addresses Pro-Palestine Protests Only To Say “No” to the National Guard

For nearly two weeks, President Biden has ignored the pro-Palestine protests going on on various college campuses across the US. From Ivy League colleges...

WATCH: The Truth Behind Joe Biden’s Stutter

Some believe that Joe Biden's stutter isn't real - it's just a way to make him seem more relatable. Get the full story now: https://youtu.be/27rsLErcToY
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Officials Burn Through Boxes of Ammo During Arizona Standoff

38-year-old Jesus Mendivil put the Pima Regional Critical Incident Team (PRCIT) and Tucson Police Department (TPD) through hell on earth when he barricaded himself...
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Is City Living the Best Answer Right Now?

Crime is up, so is city living a great option right now? Would it be better to move to a more rural area? Let us...
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Florida and Oklahoma Slam Biden: Is His Latest Title IX Policy Even Legal?

Florida and Oklahoma are putting their foot down against the Biden administration's proposed Title IX tweaks, basically telling them, "Not on our watch!" They're...
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Fight Breaks Out in Harris’ Secret Service Detail – Agent Arrested

We all know the basis of DEI – diversity, equity, and inclusion – is a bad idea. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t...
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AI Creates a Catholic Priest; It Doesn’t Go Over Well

Most know that matters of the heart and faith can get a bit tricky sometimes. Naturally, leaders of the faith want to make things...
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Looking for That Border Wall Funding? Check In Ukraine

Getting the southern border wall built to protect America from the invasion of illegals surging across was a great idea from President Trump. It...

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